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Alumni Testimonial

“QUIC provided me with many marketable skills, acting as a launchpad for my future career. Specifically, the ability to analyze investments, synthesize recommendations, and deliver effective presentations. It also taught me to take a wider interest in the business world around me, encouraging me to follow the economy, industries, companies, etc. Most importantly, it introduced me to a network of like-minded classmates and friends – many of whom I am still in touch with almost a decade later!” 

Laura Heaphy QUIC ’08
Partner at McKinsey & Co

Alumni Testimonial

“QUIC was a defining part of my experience at Queen’s and my career. It is one of the reasons I decided to come to Queen’s and is part of what made it so special. The defining attribute of QUIC is its people: my roommates in NY were from QUIC; the first person I called when I was deciding to leave Facebook was my mentor from QUIC. It’s a very fulfilling experience to watch the organization continue to grow and improve with each passing year – I’m very proud to be an alumnus!”

Seth Rosenberg QUIC ’12
Investor at Greylock Partners

Alumni Testimonial

“QUIC has played an important role in my professional development. Before I went through my third year internship interviews, several QUIC alumni helped me prepare by mock interviewing me.  Two years out of school, I wanted to leave Goldman and the QUIC alumni network was there to help me make the transition and find my next job. I’m seven years out of school now and the QUIC network continues to be very valuable to me. I am consistently amazed at how willing QUIC alum are to give me career advice.”

Andrew Iu QUIC ’11
Director of Research at Burgundy Asset Management

Alumni Testimonial

“My time with QUIC was a highlight even against the many other great parts of my Queen’s experience. The learning and practical experience from my 4 years on the Counsel gave me a huge head start upon entering the investing world. I would say that more importantly though, I benefited from mentors in the early years who helped me find the success in Commerce that I did, and I take many of the great friendships from QUIC with me today – all these years later. It’s been a thrill to see the awesome pipeline of new kids come through the Counsel in the years since I graduated.”

Robbie Mitchnick QUIC ’13
Digital Wealth Lead at Blackrock

Alumni Testimonial

“When I think about my time at Queen’s, my experience on QUIC is what really defined those years for me. On QUIC you are not just learning what investing is about, you are doing it firsthand, with real money, and the actual tools that professionals in the industry use. That opportunity allowed me to advance my knowledge and understanding of business in a way that would not have been possible without the QUIC experience. Additionally, the people that I was able to interact with and the friends that I made while being a part of QUIC will stay with me for the rest of my life.”

Andrew Miskiewicz QUIC ’15
Investor at Addition

Alumni Testimonial

“Over the past seven years, I’ve encountered countless top students from elite colleges across Canada and the United States, both during recruiting and on the job. In my experience, very few have managed to match the general calibre of QUIC members. QUIC plugged me into a network of mentors and industry professionals who are always eager to help. Joining QUIC was one of the best decisions I made during my time at Queen’s.”

Will Fang QUIC ’10
Business Operations Director at Brex

Alumni Testimonial

“QUIC was the most formative experience I had while at Queen’s. I learned far more from the Analysts, Portfolio Managers, Executive and Alumni that took the time to teach, coach and mentor me than I did any individual class that I attended while in Kingston. The tangible skills acquired from researching businesses, applying valuation techniques and managing a real-money investment portfolio provided a strong base to further build a professional skillset in the investment industry. Additionally, the friendships formed with fellow members of the Counsel remain some of the strongest bonds I formed during my time at Queen’s.”

Danny Hertz QUIC ’12
Partner at Turtle Holdings Ltd

Alumni Testimonial

“My time on QUIC helped to build a hands-on skillset across many areas – including financial modelling, accounting, research, presentation and communication. In combination, these skills are a pretty good ‘simulation’ of the future working world. For my work as a management consultant, it is critical to deliver tight communications and a compelling answer with limited information. In this environment, I certainly think the ‘investor’s mindset’ that one develops while on QUIC can strengthen critical thinking.”

Tom Kewley QUIC ’15
Principal at Sequoia Capital Global Equities


The QUIC Canadian Fund currently has over $850,000 in assets and has returned 105% over the past six years, with a portfolio alpha of 30%.

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70% of alumni started their careers at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan, CPPIB, Blackstone, McKinsey, Bain, or BCG


Top Grad School Attendees

Since 2010, 80% of SSB alumni who attended Harvard or Stanford were on QUIC

Network for Life

Alumni groups form at institutions such as Blackstone, Burgundy, Citadel and Onex

QUIC Alumni ’12-’17 at the Blend SF office with the former Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

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