Past Events

Investor Day with Capitalize for Kids

This event brings together established QUIC alumni who have experience in a variety of industries to share their experiences in a speaker series. Students learn first-hand about speakers’ experiences, and receive both personal and professional career advice. QUIC is honoured to host this event with C4K, a charity founded by a QUIC alumni, which is focused on tapping into the financial community to support the SickKids Foundation. In line with C4K’s mission, 100% of the proceeds from the conference go to SickKids. Over the past 3 years, C4K has raised more than $5 million in support of the SickKids Foundation.

QUIC-Burgundy Women's Investing Series

The number of women in investing has been in decline over the past decade, with only 6% of hedge fund managers being women. The Queen’s University Investment Counsel partnered with Burgundy Asset Management to do our part to change that, introducing a Women’s Investing Series.

A third year QUIC student who interned at Burgundy last summer took students through three lessons, all with the aim of understanding what really makes a great business. The series received overwhelmingly positive feedback and the CIO of Burgundy Asset Management travelled to Queen’s to speak with students who attended these sessions.