March Hiring


This March, QUIC will be hiring Analysts and Portfolio Managers for the 2017-2018 year. We are looking for dedicated individuals who are interested in learning more about investing and finance.

The process will consist of a written application and first/second round interviews. Selected candidates will be invited to a second round of interviews. Questions will test students’ market knowledge, fit with the team, and will delve deeper on the stock pitch from the written application.

We encourage all interested candidates to apply and look forward to meeting you in the interviews.


David Patterson Cole, Tracy Li, Cam Sucharda
QUIC Executive 2017-2018

    • Monday, February 27 – Application released


    • Friday, March 10 – Application due at 11:59PM


    • Sunday, March 12 – First round interviews


    • Monday, March 13 – First round interviews


    • Tuesday, March 14 – Second round interviews